New Item: Custom Baby Octopus Plushies – Customize Colors

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A new item was listed today!  You can now choose your own colors for the baby octopus plush.  It will still be made with soft fleece, safety eyes, and new polyfil stuffing.  The approximate size is 5.5″ x 5″.  It will be machine and hand sewn.  To order a custom baby octopus, follow these simple steps:

Please note to seller when checking out with the following:

1. Body color
2. Underside color
3. Optional accessory:  bow, hat, glasses, etc..

Here are some images to help you out:

Custom items will take 2 days or less to be made and shipped the next day.  Can’t choose colors or want the item sooner?  Check out the other octopus listings in my shop that are ready to ship!

About The Author

Amanda is an illustrator and product designer who loves to create new characters and bring them to life as toys.


  1. Lily says: - reply

    There so cute I ordered a yellow one a week ago

  2. Katie says: - reply

    I just got mine today and they are adorable! They are so soft and cute! i thnk eberyone should hav one! AHHHHHHH SOOOOO CUTE!

  3. Clark says: - reply

    awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks.

    My blog:
    DSL Anbieter

  4. Adriana says: - reply

    They are sooo cute! :) My favorite is the fuchsia one! :D