My Neighbor Totoro Plushies!

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Hello everyone!  Recently, I had a custom request to make two Totoro plushies for a baby shower.  She wanted one in aqua blue and the other in light purple.  I decided to make them have different facial expressions.  The Totoros are made with fleece and felt.  They are mostly hand sewn except for the body. No safety eyes were used since they are meant for babies.  Each plush is about 10″ x 8.5″ (not including ears or arms).  I think they turned out well and I hope she likes them!  Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think.

If you want to make a custom request, please email me at for more info!

About The Author

Amanda is an illustrator and product designer who loves to create new characters and bring them to life as toys.


  1. Ella says: - reply

    Where do u buy fleece?

  2. Leah says: - reply

    I was wondering what the measurements on the totoro patterns are ^^! I want to make one for my bf but i’m not sure how or where to print the templates or of the measurements ^^ thanks!

  3. Someone! says: - reply

    Love them! Going to have to use the DIY pattern to make one!

  4. Jools says: - reply

    Hi. I wanted to say that I really love your pattern. I was wondering how you would make the wiskers if you wanted to? Also what is the best fieece to make the Totoros out of? Thanks!

  5. JTotoro says: - reply

    I really love your Totoro Pattern! I am going to make the Totoro with my mom who has swen bears and bunnies so we are using the DIY pattern but attaching the peices like you fleece Totoros! I can’t wait. I love Totoro and am not able to buy a plush few a year untill we move back to CA or when my husband and me go to Japan. This little Totoro fits the bill for me! Thanks for posting the pattern!

  6. oneza says: - reply

    what is the different between these flush toys and DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial? the material?

    • amanda says: - reply

      Yeah, basically! These are made out of fleece instead of felt and are a little bigger. But it’s basically the same pattern enlarged.

  7. Ruby says: - reply

    These are truly amazing, i love your Totoro tutorial too. I am going to have a go at making one tomorrow. Thank you for sharing such beautiful work

  8. […] a fun tutorial for you:  DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial.  It’s a little different than the Totoros I made earlier, but still just as cute.  The pattern I created is more simple and the materials are cheap and […]

  9. Rachell says: - reply

    OMGosh .. they are beautiful!

  10. CSC says: - reply

    Ah!!! So cute, where can I buy/order these?!