DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial

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Hello all!  Today, I put together a fun tutorial for you:  DIY Totoro Plush Tutorial.  It’s a little different than the Totoros I made earlier, but still just as cute.  The pattern I created is more simple and the materials are cheap and easy to find.  The finished plush will be 6.5″ wide and 8″ tall (not including ears or arms).  I hope you find this tutorial enjoyable and make a Totoro plush for yourself or as a gift!  To make your own Totoro, keep reading…

Materials you Will Need

1.  Pattern:  Download PDF Pattern HERE  Big smiling mouth pattern HERE (Requested)

2.  Pen or Chalk Pencil

3.  Felt:  1 Sheet of Black, 1 White, 1 Beige, 3 Gray

4.  Scissors

5.  Thread:  Black, White

6.  1 Needle

7.  Pins

8.  Cardstock/Chipboard/Posterboard

9.  Poly-fil Stuffing

These materials can be found at your local craft store like Michaels, Joann, etc…

Ready?  Let’s Begin!

Step 1:  Download the Totoro Pattern (See materials) and print it out

Step 2.  Cut out templates and trace onto cardstock.  It makes tracing on felt easier.  If possible, print directly on cardstock to skip this step (I did this)

Step 3:  Cut out cardstock templates:

Step 4:  Trace templates on felt with pen or chalk pencil:

Step 5:  Cut out belly, eyes, nose, and belly marks directly on traced line:

Step 6:  Pin 2 sheets of gray felt (for body) inside traced line before cutting.  Cut out pieces leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Do the same for the ears, arms, and tail:

Step 7:  Sew marks onto the belly with black thread using a basic or whip stitch

Step 8:  Sew pupil on eyes with black thread using a basic or whip stitch:

Step 9:  Pin belly onto body and sew it on with white thread using a basic or whip stitch:

Step 10:  Sew eyes onto body with white thread

Step 11:  Sew nose onto body with black thread:

Optional:  Sew on a small mouth using black embroidery floss with a stem or split stitch.  Or sew on big mouth.

Step 12:  Sew ears on traced line leaving an opening at bottom for stuffing.  Do the same for arms/tails leaving an opening at tapered end:

Step 13:  Turn pieces inside out and stuff each piece.  For the arms, put less stuffing towards the top:

Step 14:  Take the back side of body and place down.  Take the stuffed ears and place them upside down at the top of body.  Take the other side with the face and belly sewn on, and place it over the ears with the belly side facing down.  Align accordingly and pin pieces together:


Alternative:  You can also sew on the ears later by hand for better control of placement.

Step 15:  Sew body together by hand or machine, leaving an opening at the bottom.

Step 16:  Turn body inside out and stuff.  Put more stuffing towards the bottom, so it sits better:

Step 17:  Sew up openings on body, arms, and tails with black thread using a hidden stitch:

(Don’t worry about the bottom not looking so perfect since no one will really see it)

Step 18:  Sew arms and tails onto body using a whip or hidden stitch.  Place tail about 2″ above bottom seam, so plush sits on its own:

You’re Finished!

This what you should end up with:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  If you try this, I’d love to see how yours turned out.  Upload a photo and post it on our facebook wall, or link it in a comment!

***If you upload your results on your blog/deviantart/flickr/etc, please credit us with a link back to this tutorial.  A lot of time went into making this.  Thanks!***

TERMS OF USE:  This pattern and anything made from it may not be used for commercial purposes. You may not sell anything made from this pattern. You may not resell or redistribute this pattern in part or in whole.  This pattern and items made from it are intended for your personal use only.

We will be having a giveaway with this Totoro plush next week along with a baby octopus, so please follow us on twitter and facebook to stay updated!

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About The Author

Amanda is an illustrator and product designer who loves to create new characters and bring them to life as toys.


  1. Núr says: - reply

    I wanted to give a gift of a Totoro plush, and despite I made some previously, your pattern has helped me a lot! Thanks :)

  2. Sammie says: - reply

    I was really looking forward to making this, bought all the things but it just is not working, I have mild experience with cross stitch but have never tried to make a toy before. I find that everytime I try to turn the ears etc inside out they pull apart. I have no sewing machine so am trying to sew by hand and it does not seem to be working :(

  3. Jessy says: - reply

    Thanks for the pattern! I put it up onto the whiteboard at school and traced it onto bigger pieces of paper. So pleased with how it turned out, more like a cozy Totoro pillow!

  4. John says: - reply

    I made my daughter several DIY presents for her birthday and one of them was a Totoro plush based on this pattern. It is her second favorite movie, just behind Frozen, and she loved getting the Totoro plush. Everyone else who saw it loved it too. Thanks for the directions.

  5. Kelly says: - reply

    So pleased with how this project turned out! I was having a bit of trouble cutting out the belly marks with just an outline, so I put some double sided tape on the fabric so I could stick the pattern piece directly on it and got the perfect shape! I left the tape on the pieces, and now they’re a little more protected against fraying. (I was using fleece) Thanks so much for the pattern, I had a lot of fun making it and I love my new Totoro!

  6. Hana says: - reply

    Btw I am 11. I love your pattern made one myself and made him a friend that is the same but pink.

  7. Kat says: - reply

    Beautiful tutorial! I made a Totoro for a friend of mine, and now he is in love with it. Thank you so much!
    I have a question for you: which software did you use to make the pattern? I use to work a lot with Photoshop to edit photography and for illustration works, but I don’t know how to make patterns in an “easy” way (I’m not very patient making this kind of things…).
    Sorry if my English isn’t very good, at least I try! :)
    Thanks in advance!

  8. sarap says: - reply

    Thank you for the tutorial I made one for my son he’s 8 and he was so excited he bear hugged me then the totoro and he sleeps with it every night.

  9. NapaCasual says: - reply

    I just made Totoro and my son loves him! Thanks so much for the very easy-to-follow tutorial. I showed a version on Cut out and Keep with a link back here, of course. I’ll send the link when it is published.

  10. I recently had a go at making this, and had a lot of fun with it. :)

    Thanks! :D

  11. Ellen says: - reply

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I made my Totoro and it turned out great! I love it so much. I made the Totoro for my boyfriend, but I’m not so sure anymore, I just want to keep it for myself! :)

  12. Jessica says: - reply

    Not sure if my first reply went through, but I forgot to add the seam allowance DX
    Will it be okay or should I just start again?

  13. Marie says: - reply

    Hello ! Thank you for this great tutorial ! I’ve just finished one : i’m soooo happy of the result ! (unfortunately I don’t have any website to post a picture of it).
    I’ll make others soon for my cousins, … !
    Thanks again !

  14. Lauern says: - reply

    It may be a while before you get to this, but I would love it if you would make a pattern for JiJi the black cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service! Thanks much!

  15. What kind of felt did you use? Also what was the name of the felt color? Is it just called grey?

  16. plucile says: - reply

    So cute ! i’m gonna make my own as a gift but i wonder if it will be shrunk if i wash it

  17. Iv just finished making one with my mum out of blue fleece and it’s adorable! Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! And I hope to be as skilled as you when I’m older!

  18. Amy says: - reply

    Can you do a tutorial for how to make a dinosaur please? Thanks

  19. paula says: - reply

    Thank you so much for this!! I’ve just finished mine and I absolutely LOVE it thank you!

  20. Cait says: - reply

    Thanks for this great tutorial! I made them for my daughter, nieces and nephew for Christmas and they were a big hit!

  21. doody says: - reply

    Thanks a lot for your tutorial. I used it to make a birth gift for a little girl. I print out the pattern with a scale of 300 %. The result is here :

  22. Audrey says: - reply

    How do you turn the limbs inside out once you’ve sewn them…?? :(

  23. J. says: - reply

    This is just so adorable! Which is why I tried to do it, eventhough I have 0% experience in sewing. hahaha.
    The problem is, I do not know how to sew the ears, hands and tail onto Totoro’s body.
    Do you think you could give me the name of the technique or maybe the process? I’ll search it up.

  24. Keith says: - reply

    I was looking at the other totoro plushies you made and they were superb! My question is how do you exactly make the head puffier? (for a lack of a better term). I noticed there was a seam going from the front to the back of the head. You also mentioned cutting a v-shape? I would really love to know how you did this!

  25. Olive says: - reply

    I’m stuck on step 6… It’s very simple, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it… :(

  26. Aude says: - reply

    do you have a pattern sheet that I could use for this? Thanks!

  27. Zirtael says: - reply

    It’s like dream! I want it so much! ;))
    Greetings from Poland! ;))

  28. I love Totoro. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Amo a Totoro. Gracias por el tutorial.

  29. Ukio Mind says: - reply


    Congratulations for this tutorial, I’m becoming a fan of Studio Ghibli and I think already im going o share this post with a little group of friends who love it.

    Keep creating beauty things like this one

    Thanks for it

    And have a nice day :)

    Ukio Mind

  30. Elveawen says: - reply

    ¡¡¡wow!!! I love it!!

  31. Saru says: - reply

    Hi! I’m currently making this but with plush fabric, the one that’s super soft and and I’m wondering if it’s really gonna work, I’m a little worried that the ears will keep falling after sewing them or in general that it wouldn’t work at all…

  32. The tutorial is very simple I like the plush is so cute I will try to do to give to my Son

  33. Mary Dailey says: - reply

    This is so cute! I have to try to make it. I’ve never done this before, but I like to sew by hand, so I think it will be so much fun. Thank you for sharing!

    THANK YOU!!!


  35. Sophie says: - reply

    To make it out of fleece, do you hem the belly circle before you attach it? And how?

  36. MonEsVil says: - reply

    I’ve made my own Totoro, for a birthday present. You can see the outcome in my blog.

    Thank you very much for the pattern and the tutorial, that made my work a lot easier, if not possible.

  37. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I finally got the time to try it. I’ve uploaded the result here: and linked the tutorial back to your blog of course.

    The result is not perfect but I’m glad I tried it. Hopefully, I’ll do better next time :)

  38. Eva says: - reply

    I planned for this cute tutorial and bought felt of ebay but the ‘beige’ that i got is brown, could I use white for the tummy instead? (would it still look fine?)

  39. Sílvia says: - reply

    Thanks for the tutorial! My daughter loves Totoro, and I made it … If you want to see him:

  40. Amy says: - reply

    This is so pretty, i love this ! Thank you so much for making such a lovely tutorial. But the pattern link isn’t working :( I really want to make this Totoro. Can you email me the pattern please ?

  41. And one more question!! Could we glue the belly markings with liquid stitch for a more clear touch?

    • amanda says: - reply

      Hey, sorry for a late reply, but yes I get fabric at Joanns and they sell both felt and fleece. Both will work well. The fleece is softer, but felt is a little easier to work with (drawing template and cutting). You could use fleece for the body and do felt details. And glue should be fine.

  42. Um.. Not sure if you answered this already but do you get your fabrics at Jo Ann’s? If so, do they sell dark grey fleece ( in placement of the grey felt) ? And do you prefer felt for the totoro plush? Or the fleece?

  43. I loved this tutorial! I found it on deviantart. I’m in the process of making the Totoro for my friend for her birthday. Thanks! :)

  44. Thanks for such a lovely tutorial. I found it on Pinterest and my daughter and I just had to make one straight away. Blogged about it over here…

  45. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I cannot wait to make this! I will send you a photo when I am done! Thank you, thank you!! :)

  46. Jessica says: - reply

    This is so cool, but the pattern link isn’t working.

  47. Fishy says: - reply

    This is great! Thanks! :)
    Do you have templates of the other characters as well? It would be wonderful if I can make those too! :) Please share them!

  48. Hetty says: - reply

    This is lovely x
    A Koala would be amazing to make too ! have you got a koala pattern that you wouldnt emailing me ?? :D
    also , where would you suggest to buy the materials from?? i shop in abakahn and that is pretty good cheap fabric !

  49. Sally says: - reply

    What stitch did you use for sewing the body together?

  50. chari says: - reply

    My niece loves totoro! i’m gonna make her a totoro plush. thanks for sharing.=)

  51. tabatas says: - reply

    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  52. Lissa says: - reply

    Waahhhhhh he is soooo cute!! This is so beautiful I will post this on my blog if you don’t mind?

    Kind regards!! ^^

  53. Ana says: - reply

    I love this Totoro! It’s identical to the one in the movie :)
    I cannot download the pattern, though. Is there any other link available?

  54. kirsten says: - reply

    thanks for this! found it on pinterest – this looks amazing.

  55. Mika says: - reply

    Hello.. This is really cute :’D But..what do I use if I can ‘t find any felt or..poly-fill?

  56. Jazzy says: - reply

    Thank you so much for this! It came out wonderfully and it a great toy to cuddle with! <3

  57. Minxy says: - reply

    when I use felt, bits of fluff get stuck to it really easily. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

    • amanda says: - reply

      Don’t think so… besides using a lint roller to take it off. You can try making it in a different fabric like fleece though. May be better!

  58. CrazzyGirl says: - reply

    It’s fantastic!! I am making this for a friend as she likes Totoro and I’ve just finished sewing the mouth on, and remembered Totoro has whiskers (or I have seen it does in pictures) can I just sew these on? Thanks yours is great!!!

  59. catriona says: - reply

    Thank you! Its great! I am planning to do it for my little girl)))

  60. What if I wanted to make him 15” wide and tall?

    • amanda says: - reply

      I would print out the pattern, then go to a copy machine (w/ bigger paper), copy and enlarge it by 200% or 190% if you can enter a specific %. If you can’t get to a copy machine, you would have to draw it out by hand. I don’t have a printable pdf for a larger one..

  61. Thank you. That’s helpful.

  62. How big should the totoro be? I want to use fuzzy fabric so he will be more cuddle-able, so I need to know how many yards to buy.


  63. Aurora says: - reply

    Thank you very much. It’s really useful….

  64. Susette says: - reply

    My SIL loves Totoro and she is expecting. I need to make one for her baby. How do you think it would translate as an applique onto a quilt or anything else? Thank you for the great tutorial!

  65. I love this tutorial and made a fleecy green guy of my own. ^^

    Unfortunately, I came across someone on Etsy blatantly using your photo and quite possibly the pattern. Here’s the link . I just thought I’d let you know.

  66. KissMyEyes says: - reply

    This pattern is coming along great! I’m just wondering though, how exactly to do the big smile? I’m making it with felt and I’m just a little stuck between the black lines for the teeth and the white with the felt >_<

  67. pillowhead says: - reply

    This is a wonderful tutorial! My kids love Totoro and I will be making some for them for Valentine’s Day! :) Thanks for creating and posting this.

  68. Dana says: - reply

    Did you sew it by hand or did you use a sewing machine?

  69. Jennifer says: - reply

    Great tutorial! Thank you, I made a totoro plush for my nephew . I put it on my blog these week if you want to see it. Thank you!!!!!


  70. Dana says: - reply

    I’m now planning on making a gigantamormous one based off this pattern!!!

  71. Dee says: - reply

    do you have a pattern sheet that I could use for this? Thanks!

  72. Meyana says: - reply

    Hi,why when i download the pattern and it no show the pattern but alot of words..

  73. Coooooo says: - reply

    Thanks for the pattern, the most helpful one of the other sites i found, can you please upload for patterns for other AS CUTE plushies too?

  74. kim says: - reply

    Thanks for posting this! I hardly ever sew but my daughter loves Totoro so I gave it a try. It’s not as nice as yours but still very cute! I would have wasted a lot of felt trying to make a pattern myself. =)

  75. Shayla says: - reply

    The plushies you made earlier…have sort of a line on their face from sewing. I was wondering what that is from.

    • amanda says: - reply

      It is a slightly different pattern where a “V” shape was cut at the top and sewn together to create that seam. It makes it a bit more round.

      • penemuel says: - reply

        I want to try the one with the “V” shape cut out – how far down do you make it, and how wide? Is it possible to get the pattern you used for that version? I like the round shape of it much better…

  76. I can’t wait to make this for my kids for Christmas! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  77. Jasja says: - reply

    Wonderfull pattern. Could I use fleece instead of felt, or would it become wobbly. Fleece would by nicer to cuddle for my toddler…

    • amanda says: - reply

      Yes, fleece is fine! I used fleece with the first two I made. You can see those in an earlier post. Although I still used felt for the small details as it’s easier to cut and keeps its shape better.